Where does used oil go ?

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The majority of used cooking oil is exported out of South Africa to the European Union for use in biodiesel industries. It can even be certified by organisations such as which is a European Certification agency. However the graph on the left clearly states that the benefit of Carbon savings ONLY accrues if used in the land of origin (study by the British Government - http://www.dti.gov.uk/pgr/roads/environment/rtfo/govecrfa.pdf), mainly due to the fact that the CARBON savings are negated by the carbon created in the shipping of the oil. All the clean air ends up in Europe to THEIR benefit and South Africa imports fossil diesel to make up the shortfall .........

Graph of UK figures for the Carbon Intensity of Biodiesels and fossil fuels. This graph assumes that all biodiesel is used in its country of origin. It also assumes that the diesel is produced from pre-existing croplands rather than by changing land use.