Our licenses (Statutory)


Department of Minerals &Energy

Petroleum Wholesalers manufacturers license number M/2015/0003

Environment & Waste Western Cape Government

Envirodiesel CC (IPWIS Integrated Pollution & Waste Information System / Western Cape Government) - IPWIS facility ID 1143 IPWS Number W401000460

Department of Environmental Affairs NEMA

Member of Government Department of Environmental Affairs industry waste management forum

Conformity to NEMA Environmental impact regualtions 2010 reference number 16/3/1/6/1/A7/19/3109/14 Western Cape Government

Collector number DO20816 / Western Cape Gov.

Zoning Approval

Zoning scheme approval Erf 17720 General industrial 2
Director planning and building development
City of Cape Town


Registered as a biodiesel manufacturer tax number 9285/290/18/6
Registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) 4030252391
UIF and PAYE compliant

Registered Trade Marks

Planet Friendly Fuel